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2020 Town Council Elections: Incumbents Survive, Melham Silent

With news that election results for the May 12 Town Council elections have been certified, it appears Belleville’s four wards voted to return all incumbents to their seats. To call the election unorthodox and unprecedented seems an understatement. Due to… Continue Reading →

Letter To the Editor: Frantantoni Says Vote To Send a Message!

To the Editor, The Covid-19 pandemic has forced New Jersey’s May elections to be conducted by Mail-in ballots only. In Belleville, we have four ward council seats on the ballot. The sitting Councilpersons presently seeking re-election have been keeping those… Continue Reading →

Town Council Election 2020: Carefully Consider Your Vote

The method of voting has changed, but the responsibility of voting for good leaders has not. We live in unusual times. So many things we are used to have changed, and you can count the way you vote – at… Continue Reading →

A Matter of Common Decency and Respect

At a recent public meeting, the Nutley Board of Commissioners held a moment of silence for the late Kevin Kennedy, former councilman of Belleville. No, you didn’t read that wrong, and no, it isn’t a typo or a misstatement. The… Continue Reading →

Questioning Melham’s Planning Board Changes, Or, Why Can’t I Get That In Writing?

Can Belleville residents really expect a “Better Belleville” from an administration that refuses to give a substantial answer to a simple question from a resident and taxpayer?

Groundbreaking on Contaminated Belmont Avenue Property Puts Cart Before The Horse

On Friday, February 21, 2020, with little to none of the fanfare common to groundbreaking a new development, Mayor Michael Melham and Councilmembers Vinny Cozzarelli and Thomas Graziano participated in a ceremony to begin the construction of a development that will bring retail space and 232 residential units to the property.

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