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Welcome! Belleville Watch is dedicated to bringing news, commentary and related content in the service of civic engagement, good government and responsible, respectful development in our beloved Belleville, New Jersey!

Belleville Watch operates in the spirit of “crusading” writers and editors of ages past. We have a point of view obviously, but we strive to bring you lots of information on issues affecting Belleville to help keep you informed and engaged! Our fondest wish is for Belleville residents to use the information and commentary they find here in order to ask tough questions and demand accountability from our elected officials and anyone else exercising power in Belleville.

Belleville is a great town with a history touching every era of the American story, beginning from the early settlements to the birth of the Industrial Revolution and beyond. We seek to preserve Belleville as a small, unique town with a strong suburban character, and do not wish it to fall victim to anything that would destroy those attributes.

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Frank F. Fleischman III
Editor and Civic Advocate
Belleville Watch