To the Editor,

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced New Jersey’s May elections to be conducted by Mail-in ballots only. In Belleville, we have four ward council seats on the ballot. The sitting Councilpersons presently seeking re-election have been keeping those seats warm for 12 to 16 years with no major accomplishments to claim. What they did accomplish was to increase municipal taxes over 100% and cost us millions in lawsuits.

If you are looking at your ballot and realize they will probably be re-elected and you have no control, please do not despair. You do have an option. The bottom box on your ballot states “Personal Choice”. In this box you can write in your name or any other name you choose. You can also enter NOTA, meaning “none of the above”.  This will not change the results of the election (unless there is an unbelievable number of votes for someone else), but it will send a message: We are not happy with you!

Vincent J. Frantantoni
Belleville, NJ